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2008-08-04 20:14:21 by jumbakadabi

im just posting a short thing to show how blank and boring things are right now. im trying to get better at making songs, but its hard when all the tutroials tell you how to use the software and not the basics of a good song...

Nothing much

2008-06-27 13:44:21 by jumbakadabi

I'm about to post a short preview of my next song, yippee! its far from finished but i'm not sure what to do with it and so im asking you guys to help out and provide advice. so, go forth and leave comments!


2008-04-13 14:13:59 by jumbakadabi

OMG I GOT FL STUDIO 8 (full version)! IT'S AWESOME! So I'll probly be comin out with better/more elaborate songs soon. Just not now, cuz I just barely got it :) but omg I GOT FL STUDIO 8 AND IT ROCKS!

Oh, and btw, if you vote a zero on one of my songs, tell me why. Don't be an idiot and hit 0 just to make the rating go down, cuz that's seriously idiotic. Thx


2008-03-31 19:45:03 by jumbakadabi

HOLY #$%! ITS A NEW #$%!'N SONG!!! yeah i made a new one. hopefully ill get the full FL Studio on Apr. 2nd but who knows... *sigh* but in lighter news: I'm gonna play UT2004 now! See ya l8r peeps!

2 songs in one day!

2008-03-08 20:18:39 by jumbakadabi

Well, i was in a mood for music today so i made a couple songs. Well, i made one, the other is a remake. But all in all it was a good day for music. i might get the full FL Studio soon, might. hopefully, because making songs would be a lot easier but for now... i'll work with what i got. juts bear with me. :P

no FL Studio :(

2008-01-15 20:08:20 by jumbakadabi

So, i didn't get FL studio for x-mas, but i did get lots of other good stuff, so im okay in that respect. oh, and did i mention i have a new song? yeah, it's new, fairly good, repetitive, but still good. and uh... yeah. oh, did i mention i can solve a 5x5 rubicks cube? yes i know, i'm either asian, or somehow have the capacity to memorize long patterns easliy. im pretty sure it's the second one, but you can never be too sure...

dang demo!

2007-12-17 18:44:52 by jumbakadabi

Ok well, for some reason my latest submission wont render (urg!). So it wont be on th site untill i remake it (probably after holidays). and i probly wont submit anything untill the holidays are up, things are getting busy. but, hopefully by then i wont have the stupid demo and i will be able to make good songs, instead of really short and simple things. so, to my small group of fans (only a couple people) happy holidays!

My Noobness

2007-12-04 20:41:32 by jumbakadabi

Hey everyone, wanna know why my songs stink? Well, it's because i only have the FL studio demo (keeps me from saving projects). So because i only spend a small amount of time on the computer each day, my songs end up simple, and generally unappealing. If i get the full version for the holidays, i'll be able to spend more time on each song, so they will be more complex, and probly not bad remixes. But just hang on untill then k?